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IPCC Synthesis Report

The real-estate industry needs to accelerate its approach to transition to a net zero future.

In the attached graph the illustrative development pathways (red to green) and associated outcomes (right panel) show that there is a rapidly narrowing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all. Climate resilient development is the process of implementing greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation measures to support sustainable development.

Diverging pathways illustrate that interacting choices and actions made by diverse governments, private sector and civil society actors can advance climate resilient development, shift pathways towards sustainability, and enable lower emissions and adaptation.

OSA can assist real estate asset owners to address climate risk and opportunity and align their portfolios over time to achieve the global goal of net zero emissions.

We provide a no nonsense approach and practical advice based on our decades of experience in the real estate and construction sectors.

To learn more see the IPCC's Synthesis Report video:


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