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From Quick Wins to Long-Term Goals: Carton House's Journey to Sustainability

OSA have been working with and advising the Owners of Carton House over the past number of years on refurbishing this landmark Property. The recent focus by ownership has been on reducing energy consumption across the resort. The challenge was to see what could be done to optimise the existing heating and cooling infrastructure.

OSA collaborated with the Director of carton facilities, Smart Power, Malone Group and Mastertech to undertake a detailed review of the existing M&E systems. An optimisation strategy was developed with the use of smart technology. The results on the below report demonstrate that it does not have to be about fitting heat/air pumps/ Solar PV or ESG metrics to reduce energy consumption and de-facto GHG emissions.

In summary the immediate concern for the asset owners was see where operating costs could be saved, not necessarily reducing scope 1&2 emissions to meet sectorial targets, this was an added benefit, in other words we focused on the quick wins.

The next step for carton house is set their 2030 sustainability goals, which will ultimately synch with their 2050 macro strategy to transition to a net zero circular economy. The Morale of this post is focus on optimising your existing assets, look for cost effective and easy to implement options, while working on your ESG macro decarbonisation road map that will align with your ROI strategy. 

Contact OSA if you want plain, practical advise on taking the first steps on your Decarbonisation/ Sustainability journey, for a single asset or a portfolio.

Though ongoing collaboration with our experienced partners, we view sustainability as a value creation tool for real estate owners. 

Learn more about the energy audit & investigation below:

Download PDF • 375KB


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